The City Staffing advantage.

Proven success.

City Staffing is not your typical staffing agency. Our enthusiastic team of recruiters carefully interviews and evaluates each candidate with a committed and responsive staffing approach proven to create extraordinary, powerful matches.

Quality Savings

City Staffing understands the importance of meeting fluctuating work flow requirements while keeping human resource and benefit costs low. We navigate variable business climates to find the right candidates with the right qualifications, saving you time and money.

Quality Associates

Our experienced recruiters connect you with qualified associates. Each and every candidate is carefully chosen to provide your company with top-notch job and industry experience.

“City Staffing has a unique understanding of the kinds of individuals that will flourish in various departments.”

— E.H., HR Business Partner Executive of J.P. Morgan Chase

Top talent ready for your top jobs!

Whether you’re looking for temporary help to tackle a project quickly and effectively, a temp-to-hire candidate to find the perfect fit, or a direct-hire associate to begin working immediately, we’re here to assist you in your search.

Temporary Positions

Many of our associates are seeking temporary work to supplement their income while accommodating their flexible life schedules. We’ll match the perfect candidate with the short-term needs of your business.

Temporary positions are ideal for:

  • Specialty projects requiring specific skill sets.
  • Providing extra help to meet upcoming deadlines.
  • Covering maternity, vacation and sick leave.
  • Meeting workflow fluctuations.
  • Saving on overhead costs.
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Temp-to-Hire Positions

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it around the block for a test drive first, so why not try out a prospective candidate before making a long term commitment? At City Staffing, we connect clients with our talented associates to provide temporary work solutions with the potential for further employment.

Feel secure knowing you have:

  • Access to a diverse and ambitious talent pool.
  • HR support through the City Staffing benefits program.
  • Flexibility in adjusting to work flow fluctuations.
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Direct Hire

Many of our clients are looking to immediately fill career-advancing, full-time positions within their organizations. In filling our Executive Search positions, we make sure all qualifications are anticipated and met to find the perfect fit for every organization. We work to connect you with associates who are aligned with your needs and ready to contribute to the growth and success of your business.

You’ll always benefit from:

  • Time to assure you have the right candidate for the position.
  • Fully vetted and recommended candidates.
  • Assistance from City Staffing managers from start to finish.
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Executive Search

When an executive or senior-level position opens up with your company, we’re ready to identify an experienced, talented, and motivated leader. Our approach to filling Executive Search positions guarantees that all of your needs are met in a thorough, timely manner.

City Staffing provides:

  • A thorough and detailed understanding of best in class Executive Search practices.
  • A strong, national pipeline of experienced executive level candidates.
  • Over 20 years of proven success in Executive Search with Fortune 500 companies and high level boutique organizations.
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